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The Mortality Review System (MRS), offers an opportunity to learn from post-mortality review leading to identification of antecedents from preventable patient deaths.

MRS originated at the Mayo Clinic with research & development for the system been initiated in 2003, the tool was implemented in 2005. Fortude was sought after to improve, and upgrade the product, and identifying latest trends which culminated in an enhanced and more sophisticated product, with an array of innovative features by 2014. Fortude’s MRS was migrated to 22 Mayo Healthcare facilities, and further expanded to other hospitals such as Cedars Sinai Medical Center and University of New Mexico Hospitals and continues to do so.

This can be achieved through providing actionable insights into the system and process, integrating with Electronic Medical Records (EMR) systems and having a guided workflow and communication management for review completion. Consequently, helping to create customized reports, advanced statistical process control analytics, time and cost efficiency for staff and tracking the effectiveness of corrective measures with action tracking and root cause analysis.

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The Fortude team is very adept in understanding and meeting our needs. Post go-live they continue to be very responsive to our requests.

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