IRS – Better Reporting of Workplace Incidents

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The Incident Review System was developed by Fortude for a specific customer to keep track, manage and analyze incidents which occur in the workplace. The initial focus was on patient health & safety, however as Fortude began to develop the product further, IRS transformed into an industry diverse solution.

Workplace incidents are an issue, which is often put aside, however it is a growing concern which needs to be made aware of.

Statistics, clearly depict the problems, the International Labor Organization has stated:

  • Every 15 seconds a worker dies from a work-related accident or disease
  •  317 million accidents occur on the job annually

The United States also suffers from adverse incidents in the workplace, the US Bureau of Labor Statistics has noted an occurrence of 4,836 fatal workplace injuries yearly.

“The inventory of your company, the value of your company, walks out the door every evening”

– Bill Gates

People are the cornerstone of every organization, as an organization a certain degree of responsibility is there towards employees. While it is impossible to eliminate incidents happening in the workplace, a system can be put in place to manage any adverse events, and to take corrective action when needed.

Fortude’s IRS is equipped with the necessary features to deal with this such as:

  • Incident Reporting Wizard
  • Root Cause Analysis
  • Action logging and tracking
  • Scheduled Reports and Dashboards
  • Individual Investigation and Committee Reviews

Holistically, these all help with providing better visibility and creating a supportive environment for the organization’s continuous safety improvement and analysis. IRS has proven to help businesses alert adverse events in real-time, reduce time-consuming, paper-based work, identify crucial incidents that require immediate actions and take corrective actions based on the gathered data. IRS customers have reported a 32.2% increase in incident reporting within 4 months!

Fortude has helped grow IRS from a customer specific product to an industry diverse one, that is able to tackle accidents, risks, process violations, occupational illnesses, and adverse environmental impacts. Then leveraging the acquired information to continuously improve the performance of safety and health initiatives.

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