Mortality Review System – Saving Lives with Better Insight

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Mortality Review System (MRS), first implemented at Mayo Clinic is one of Fortude’s pioneering and impactful products. The idea behind the tool is simple, to help reduce preventable patient deaths at hospitals.

Statistics to back this up, are stark. A study by researchers at John Hopkins Medicine says medical errors are the 3rd leading cause of death in the United States.

Dr. Martin Makary, the lead author and professor of surgery and health policy at John Hopkins University School of Medicine says, “People don’t just die from heart attacks and bacteria, they die from system-wide failings and poorly coordinated care.”

Medical mistakes made can range from unrecognized surgical complications to dosage mix-ups or types of medications received. The estimated medical error deaths as per the study is 250,000. However, realistically the toll, might be much higher.

Medical malpractice lawsuits have been increasing in frequency and prominence, so hospitals can no longer brush this aside. The typical system to evaluate mortalities was to review each case by a nurse and physician, identify and record issues and then discuss in a multidisciplinary group.

However, manual entry resulting in  time and errors to arise, difficulty in aggregating information, and effectively analyze data inevitably occur, as does adverse events.

To combat this, Mayo Clinic started their research and development in 2003 on how to overcome medical errors and reduce mortality rates. 2005 witnessed their success in creating a tool, however there were limitations as it did not provide a full solution.

This is where Fortude came in to help improve and upgrade MRS.

We helped enhance the product by providing:

  • Dashboard with strategic KPIs,
  • Integration with EMR & incident reporting systems
  • Reporting module and custom reports
  • Action tracking & effectiveness measurement
  • Tailored configurations

This has helped, as hospitals can now quickly receive insights through real-time data visualization & analytics, identify the key factors in mortalities subsequently learning from every death and take preventive measures to reduce errors. The system has empowered hospitals to make informed decisions and discover both the positive and negative trends over time.

Statistics to back MRS, proves its value, it has caused a 11.8% decrease in mortality rates, and 48% drop in adverse events. There is a 26% insight yield from MRS, compared to 4% using traditional methods of cases being reviewed.

MRS was migrated to 22 Mayo Healthcare facilities and further acquired by Cedars Sinai Medical Center and University of New Mexico Hospitals and we continuously strive to expand MRS. The benefits and value MRS has brought to hospitals and patients is undeniable and priceless. We are excited to be a part of such a solution, which can save lives, simply through better insights.

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