Apparel Dashboard

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Business Intelligence is taking the world by storm, it’s the new thing. It can completely transform the way a business is run. CEOs will now know how the company is running and faring. Not that they don’t, the difference is that it will be on an organized platform, with information from different areas easily available.

So, decision-making becomes faster, based on better data, increasing accuracy.

Fortude’s Apparel Dashboard, will do just this, only it’s a custom-built solution for retail and apparel manufacturers.

The dashboard understands their needs, it includes key coverage areas from sales, inventory, procurement, production and finance. The builders come from the very industry and background, experience gained from working in the field came into play when creating the solutions.

Indicators used on a constant basis have been covered.

Budget vs. Actual, Shipment, OTD, Stock Days, Age Analysis, Inventory Turnover, On Time Tracking, Cycle Time, Supplier Delivery Rate, WIP, Reject Ration, SAH, SMV, OEE, Profit Margin, Balance Sheet, Cash Flow.

The dashboard is more than just a pretty face, it gets the industry and customer needs.

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