Accellar’s Success at the Renaissance Group

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Ralph Lauren, Zara, Mango and scale the client list of the Renaissance Group. This Bangladesh-based operation has state-of-the-art facilities, as embroidery to knit fabric production is sustained by over 15,000 employees across production facilities and office within the country.

Bangladesh’s apparel industry is thriving, the 6.55% jump to $21.32 bn in export earnings for the first 7 months in the fiscal year, stems chiefly from the apparel industry. The sector is pivotal, for the country and people, Bangladesh’s popularity among foreign retailers is because of its cheap labor. It has transformed into a hub for retailers, luxury and premium brands flock to one of the world’s most densely populated cities.

The industry is continuously advancing, The Wall Street Journal recently reported that sewing robots are now able to automate the entire process. The market is competitive, for companies to prevail, and prevail profitably, technological upgrades are needed.

Historically, successful companies have survived by thinking ahead. Henry Ford’s assembly line made cars available to the mass market, and Ford a household name. Kodak stands on the other side of the rainbow, its demise into obliviousness.

Renaissance recognized this.

The need to streamline processes and automate their systems was prevalent. They were running on multiple software applications for different departments. Manual entering, record dealings between buyers and suppliers on Microsoft Excel, combined with an extensive geographic footprint meant it was a strain on the business.

This is where Accellar came into the picture, its apparel-specific solutions make for an ideal fit. This led to a more cognizant, process-driven and streamlined system for Renaissance. Data could now be accessed for any factory through the system, workflow, uniformity and efficiency levels have improved. Approvals have been expedited, visibility increased and paper work reduced.

Accellar has helped facilitate a collaborative environment for Renaissance Group. The solution speaks apparel, it understands the needs and wants and can deliver it.

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